Ed Butowsky – Hear his story here first!

  Our April 2nd Guest Speaker is Ed Butowsky.  Ed will be speaking about how he became the center piece of the Trump, Wikileaks, Seth Rich, and Russia controversy.  He will also discuss how he was involved with creating the book, 13 Hours, and how he was instrumental in putting together the Benghazi select committee. […]

Our March 5th meeting will welcome Ross Kecseg, President of Empower Texans

Ross Kecseg, President of Empower Texans We are so excited to welcome Ross Kecseg as our speaker.  Empower Texans is a great resource.  It is a non-profit organization that both educates and inspires Texans to exercise effective citizenship while providing  information about issues facing Texas.  Ross previously served the organization as Vice President of Local […]

Join Us on February 5th for the HOMESCHOOL DEBATE

Denton County Republican Assembly presents the first of its kind debate on HOMESCHOOL ISSUES.   Various Homeschool issues will be front and center during this legislative session. School Choice and the Tebow Bill are likely to be among the top topics. Come see leaders from both the TEXAS HOMESCHOOL COALITION and TEXANS FOR HOMESCHOOL FREEDOM as […]

May 1st – David Smith/Dianne Costa on Transportation in Denton County (DCTA) – two different points of view

5:30 pm Social – 6:30 Program Starts Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant – 1400 N Corinth Street in Corinth, Texas 76208 Angelinas – https://www.facebook.com/angelinastexas/ If you are interested in becoming a member you may pick up an application at this event. The member fee is $15 per year single, $25 couple. If you are already a member we appreciate your […]