Please join us for our October 1st meeting!


In 2014 Konni was elected to represent Senate District 10 in the Texas Senate. She served two
sessions down in Austin. While there, Konni took on the big fights – from 2nd amendment
legislation to civil asset forfeiture reform.
Always an advocate for the taxpayer, she became the strongest proponent in the legislature for
ending the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, ending corporate welfare, and advancing
common sense criminal justice reform. While these fights made her unpopular amongst the
‘business-as-usual’ crowd in Austin, bringing attention to these issues now has citizens and
legislators alike, continuing those fights. On the campaign trail, Konni was outspoken on
excessive government spending and as a result very proud to fight for and pass two
conservative state budgets that were less than population plus inflation.
Her commitment to conservative principles earned her “100% ratings” from the National
Federation of Independent Businesses, the National Right to Life, Texans for Fiscal
Responsibility and Young Conservatives of Texas and she received the Taxpayer Champion
designation from Empower Texans after both the 84th and 85th legislative sessions.
An activist at heart, Konni’s passion for limited government, individual liberties and free market
principles, means a lifelong engagement in the fight to protect these values.
Konni recently founded and is CEO of The Texan, a multi media online news organization that
reports on statewide political news in Texas.

DATE:           October 1, 2019


                       7:00 P.M. MEETING BEGINS

PLACE:        IHOP (Swisher Rd. Exit)

                       8310 S. Stemmons Freeway

                       Hickory Creek, TX 75065